Christian Assembly Church Weston, Mo       

  Called to be Salt and Light and Ministers of Reconcilliation 

"Equipped" a new sermon series

“Dunamis” is the Greek word from which we get our English equivalent for dynamite. This “dunamis” power is kind of life Jesus promised his followers.

Christianity was never meant to be a personal spiritual code to be lived only in the shadows and solitary places.

Following Jesus is overt, dynamic and powerful. It permeates every area of life.

Jesus calls us to enter His ministry of reconciliation in a world sickened by sin. This mission is immense and demands strength and provision beyond our own natural abilities. Amazingly, God’s Word teaches us how to access His strength and provision to accomplish the mission and ministry before us.

Join us for the next 12 weeks as we immerse ourselves in God’s Word for the purpose of Equipping ourselves for the work of the ministry. 

Services begin at 10am and 6pm every Sunday.

Pastor Tommy R Weaver, Jr.